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giovedì 16 ottobre 2014

“Documentaryphotography: a depiction of the real world made by a photographer whose intent is
to communicate something of importance,to make a comment that will be understood by the

A good photograph has to be perfect technically and aesthetically, in order to communicate
something of importance.
A good photo is a message with an impact on the viewers.
Does thephotograph have?
Technical Excellence
Good lighting
Proper exposure
Sharp focus

Control of Depth of Field
Control of motion

Proper color balance
Compositional Creativity
Framing Point of view
Centre of interest (clear subject)
Introducing order into a disordered situation
Rule of thirds
Layers (introducing perspective)
Leading lines
Selective focusing
Color repetition
Decisive moment
Editorial Relevance
Show something no one has seen before
Show something everyone knows from a new angle
Is clear, interesting and well composed to stand on it’s own
Style is consistent
Communicates better than a sentence
Goes beyond the obvious
Contain essential information to understand the scene
Has enough impact on the viewers
Is strong enough to move the viewers

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